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STATUS Completed 2018

SCOPE Architecture, Adaptive Reuse

2019 City of Regina Municipal Heritage Award

The project includes renovations to the existing heritage CIBC building and Bank of Nova Scotia façade to accommodate a two-level H&M store. The existing building had been a retail unit with separate from Cornwall Centre for many years. The intention of this work was to reconfigure the building interior space and integrate with Cornwall Centre, providing H&M with an access to the shopping centre and a landmark exterior façade with a main street entrance.

The work includes the removal of the existing building interior while bracing all exterior walls to prevent any damage to the existing building envelope. The removal of the interior construction allowed for new floors to match the adjacent mall floor elevation on the second floor, while the new ground floor was rebuilt to align with the existing street level, thereby facilitating the removal of existing ramp, making the building fully accessible. The roof level was also raised to a level more suitable for retail use. Improvements to the heritage façade also include new wood windows, glass doors, rehabilitation of the stone façade and new signage.
In the interior of the mall, the previous Bank of Nova Scotia façade improvements include repair to the existing stone, new windows, doors and transoms which are sympathetic to the heritage building.

Prior to the construction of the project, MMC Architects consulted with Heritage Architect Philip Goldsmith to help assess the existing conditions and peer review the proposed improvements.

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