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3D Scanning & Model Management


Space Analysis and Documentation

  • Spatial Scanning: Capture accurate 3D models of commercial spaces, including dimensions, mechanical and electrical services, and concealed structural members.

  • As-Built Plans and Models: Provide landlords with as-built plans and models, enabling them to easily communicate the existing conditions to tenants.

  • Point Cloud Data: Generate detailed point cloud data that can be used to create CAD, Revit, or SketchUp models, facilitating renovations, rebranding, and maintenance activities.

  • Schematic Floor Plans: Create floor plans with accurate measurements and total area calculations, helping in space management and design development.


Renovation and Maintenance

  • Easy Renovations: Utilize the information from 3D scans to plan and execute renovations, ensuring precise measurements and reducing errors.

  • Rebranding Support: Access accurate measurements and layouts of the entire space for effective rebranding efforts.

  • Maintenance Assistance: Use 3D models to identify maintenance requirements and facilitate efficient maintenance activities.

  • Seasonal or Promotional Rollouts: Leverage the 3D models to plan and execute merchandising, seasonal, or promotional changes in a precise manner.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Matterport 3D Tour Integration: Integrate Matterport 3D tours into Google Street View, enhancing the exposure and visibility of your commercial space.

  • In-Store Experience Representation: Provide customers with an accurate representation of the in-store experience through immersive 3D tours.

  • Informed Shopping Experience: Enable customers to explore and understand the commercial space before visiting, leading to more informed shopping decisions.

  • Virtual Walkthroughs: Allow potential tenants or buyers to virtually walkthrough and assess the space, reducing the need for physical visits.

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